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Benefits of Membership​


The Association of VA Social Workers is a 501 (c)(6) non-profit membership organization that offers a number of benefits to VA Social Workers. At a very low cost, membership dues support the Association's capacity to carry out its mission to promote and enhance the effectiveness of Social Work in service to veteran beneficiaries.

Best of all, being a member of AVASW helps us show the strength and vitality of VA social work.  We are committed to helping to solidify our sense of identify throughout the VA healthcare system.  Please become a member today and let your voice be heard!

The organization:

  • provides members a venue for professional connectedness

  • offers a forum for sharing ideas and expertise through the AVASW pages in social media

  • provides on-line access for members to contact officers about questions in the social work  profession

  • gives members access to the Members Only section of the website includes members' names in the on-line Membership D