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Benefits of Membership​


The Association of VA Social Workers is a 501 (c)(6) non-profit membership organization that offers a number of benefits to VA Social Workers. At a very low cost, membership dues support the Association's capacity to carry out its mission to promote and enhance the effectiveness of Social Work in service to veteran beneficiaries.

Best of all, being a member of AVASW helps us show the strength and vitality of VA social work.  We are committed to helping to solidify our sense of identify throughout the VA healthcare system.  Please become a member today and let your voice be heard!

The organization:

  • provides members a venue for professional connectedness

  • offers a forum for sharing ideas and expertise through the AVASW pages in social media

  • provides on-line access for members to contact officers about questions in the social work  profession

  • gives members access to the Members Only section of the website includes members' names in the on-line Membership Directory

  • includes members only in the AVASW email distribution list for updated news, information, and “hot off the press” AVASW “Connections” Newsletters

  • show-cases members and  their special contributions to veterans,  families and their organizations in the AVASW “Connections” Newsletter

  • gives members an opportunity to visibly display their social work pride by offering  quality and reasonably priced AVASW merchandise

  • links  members to  low cost or free resources for continuing education through the website

  • supports VA social workers through an efficiently run, volunteer based, non-profit organization

  • serves as  a public relations organization for VA social workers through nomination and selection by our members on an annual basis,  supports and directly contributes to a national organization that benefits veterans and their families

  • organizes and supports networking events at national  social work meetings

  • advocates for Social Work  as a profession in organizational structures including centralized social work departments with the leadership of a Social Work Chief

  • provides information and guidance to social work leaders who are planning and organizing the re-constitution of a centralized Social Work department within their VA organizations

  • educates the public, Congress, non-social workers within the VA system and health and mental health organizations on social work, veterans’ issues and issues that impact VA social work

  • advocates for VA social workers on issues of interest  to VA social workers with VACO, Congress, and NASW

  • maintains an ongoing national presence by representing  the Association at national social work meetings (e.g., SSWLHC, NASW summit)

  • defers travel costs of members receiving special national awards

  • honors “our own” through the AVASW Awards and Recognition Program: the Jerry L. Satterwhite Hall of Fame  and AVASW Social Worker of the Quarter  and Year

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