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Stanley Remer

Congressional Liaison
Chesapeake, VA

Stan joined the DVA as a medical social worker at the VA in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He has served at 5 different VA Medical Centers. He completed SWALT and Leadership VA. He was the Chief of Social Work Service at Wichita, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. He was the Social Work Executive and a Care Line Manager at the VA in Syracuse, New York. Stan has served on a number of national social work committees as well as VISN Network Committees.

Stan was involved in developing licensing in two states (Kansas and Missouri) and, in Virginia, while a member of the Virginia NASW Board “title protection” was obtained for social workers. He has been active for many years with the Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care serving as a Chapter President, member of the national board and recipient of the “Ida Cannon” award. Stan was selected as a NASW Social Work Pioneer in 2020.

Stan was commissioned as a social work officer in the Army and served 30 years with the Army Reserve in numerous leadership positions. He is on the national governing board of the Reserve Organization of America (ROA) and has been active with the Virginia State American Legion Committee’s legislative efforts to enhance and build a stronger military. He serves on the Board of the Association of Christian Human and Health Service and is member of the Board of Deacon of his local church. Currently, Stan is also an adjunct faculty member of a university teaching courses in Social Work and Sociology.

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