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Dr. Allison Henry

Nominations Chair
Houston, TX

Dr. Allison J. Henry is an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Supervisor, and Professor with 20 years of experience and 12 years of tenure in the Dept of VeteransAffairs. She obtained her bachelor's degree from Stephen F. Austin State University and her master's from the University of Houston. She advanced her profession by obtaining her doctorate from the University of Kentucky with a doctoral capstone. Leveraging Social Work Leadership to Impact Health Promotions in Senior Citizens."

She has a passion for the Veteran geriatric population and has made it her life's work to seek improvement in their care. She hopes that providing strong leadership within coalitions will improve outcomes for underserved populations.

Dr. Henry contributes to the profession of Social Work with integrity and commitment to increasing the knowledge base and awareness of available services. She is honored to be considered for the Nominations Chair of AVASW.

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