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AVASW honors their own…

AVASW recognizes that our members have a great many talents, innovative ideas and are contributing invaluable services to the VA and our Veterans and their family members. Through this program, we hope to:

• honor and celebrate achievements of our members 

• provide an outlet for sharing positive programs and services 

• increase motivation for creative thinking and innovation 

• increase involvement of our membership (nominating) 

• provide incentives for outstanding SW services, innovations & leadership

In keeping with the objectives of AVASW to honor and celebrate the work and contributions of VA Social Workers across the spectrum of VA program and services, AVASW has implemented the Exemplary Social Worker of the Quarter and Year Achievement Award.

All nominees must be current AVASW members to be considered by the Award committee. The “Social Worker of the Quarter” will be selected based on multiple factors including length of service to the VA, implementing creative or innovative programs or services, displaying exceptional customer service, etc. Any VA social worker can be nominated (by themselves or others), but only AVASW Members can be selected If the selectee is not a member, they will be contacted and offered the opportunity to join. The selected will receive a letter of recognition for outstanding service and certificate as well as one free year of membership.

At the end of the year, one of the four Social Worker of the Quarter recipients will be selected as the Social Worker of the Year through an online voting process.

The Social Worker of the Year will be presented with a plaque and $100.00 award.


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