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AVASW Social Worker of the Quarter

Ms. Lisette Riley, LCSW, is a clinical social worker, military veteran, and staunch veteran

advocate. She has been an employee at the Atlanta VA HCS for 6 years and started as an inpatient social worker. She now is developing our Transitions Team, which assists with coordinating care for veterans hospitalized in the community. Ms. Riley’s work ethic and history with the agency, her recent achievements, and her absolute embrace of servant leadership make her the ideal candidate for this recognition. Those nominating Ms. Riley reported the following accomplishments:

Ms. Riley was permanently assigned the oversite and management of two additional programs: VA Community Care program (supervises two (2) employees) and Nephrology/Renal Social Work program (supervises three (3) employees).

Ms. Riley led a team of nine Social Workers and 1 Program Support Assistant successfully without fault from March-August 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Implemented and updated procedures and processes due to Covid-19 to ensure care coordination and follow up with the ICARE motto winning spirit

Ms. Riley created and implemented internal guidelines for “Employee Recognition” to increase employee and department morale.

Implemented an internal process to use Advance Social Worker skills to Reduce Length of Stay (LOS), address psychosocial barriers for our challenging and complex Veterans hospitalized at the Atlanta VA HCS. LOS was reduced significantly by this process.

Received a Service Line ICARE Award for Commitment and Excellence.

Presented a Gap in Service Analysis, which identified Veterans currently unassigned or not enrolled in the VA HCS, which will save the VA money. Provided a solution where every Unassigned Veteran in Community Hospitals were provided assistance and enrolled in the Atlanta VA Health Care for future services.

She has developed the role and expanded her team to address unmet veteran needs in VA Community Care. This includes developing processes for Veterans in need of Acute Rehabilitation, Sub-Acute Rehabilitation, Long Term Acute Rehabilitation and Hospice. Her team ensures that every Veteran in Community Hospitals are provided with VA assistance in care coordination and discharge planning.

Ms. Riley is the lead in our student intern seminar series and provides critical education and support to our trainees which further develops our succession plan.

The AVASW wants to congratulate Ms. Riley on her achievements and receiving this recognition. If you know a deserving Social Worker at your facility, please nominate them from our AVASW homepage!

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