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Many of you wonder what kind of advocacy AVASW participates in. We've started a new members page dedicated to information about our ongoing advocacy efforts. Here is an update from Stan:

Congressional Corner:

AVASW participated in the Inaugural Social Work Caucus Round-table held at the Longworth House Office Building. An Article on the Round table is published in the March AVASW Newsletter along with another article on social workers currently in Congress.

HR 5697 Veterans’ ACCESS Act of 2020 in regard to Veterans suicide is slated to be consideration by HVAC on 3/25/2020. AVASW will be supporting this proposed bill, but seeking some recommendations to strengthen the bill to reduce veteran suicide/homicide. Some these areas of concern are requiring non-Department facilities/providers to have the same accreditation and quality standards that the VA requires of its own.

AVASW has been in contact with NASW leaders regarding working together in support of

HR 4004 (Social Determinants of Health), HR 5697 (Veterans’ ACCESS Act of 2020) and the PREVENTS initiative related to March 2019 President’s Executive Order to reduce/prevent suicide.

Darla Coffey, CEO of the Council on Social Work Education has published a short thoughtful article on “Social Determinants of Health” in the March 2020 issues of ‘The New Social Worker’ which is consistent with the aims and interests of AVASW.

You can also check out the AVASW Advocacy documents at:

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