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Congressional Participation

An often unheard of portion of the AVASW Executive Committee work is the monitoring of and input on legislation on behalf of VA Social Workers. If you've strolled around our website executive committee page you may have come across a picture of Stan our Congressional Liaison. He monitors several pieces of legislation which directly, or indirectly, impacts your work as VA Social Workers.

Recently Stan brought HR 3495 & S 1906, Improve Well-Being for Veteran Act, to the AVASW executive committee to review along with an independent analysis report. The committee joined with 5 other organizations, including APA, AVAPL, and NOVA, to provide support in Opposing the legislative bill based on independent analysis provided to the organizations. Stan also reached out the the NASW for additional social work support.

Secretary Wilkie and the White House were in support of this legislation. However, the AVASW operates independently and with the guidance of social work principals.

This is a small example of the types of monitoring and work done by the AVASW. We appreciate the constant monitoring and advocacy Stan provides on behalf of the committee and our AVASW members.

Check back with us for more information and updates about what Stan is working on!

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