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Jerry Satterwhite

It is with a heavy heart that the Association of VA social Workers says goodbye to one of its more ardent members. Jerry L. Satterwhite. “Big Jer” as many people have known him, died on Sunday November 8, 2020 surrounded by his family.

Jerry had been an active member of the Association of VA social Workers since its inception in 1979 as The Association of VA Social Work Chiefs. In 2004, Jerry Satterwhite proposed a Hall of Fame award for VA social workers who had made significant contributions to VA Social Work, to AVASW, or to Social Work overall. In 2010 The Hall of Fame Award was renamed the Association of VA Social Workers Jerry L. Satterwhite Hall of Fame.

He is past Chief of Social Work Service, Senior SWALT Preceptor, VHA SW Leadership Council Chairperson, Education Committee Chairman, and Association of VA Social Workers officer. He served as Congressional Liaison for the Association of VA Social Workers. He was instrumental in getting Hybrid Title 38 legislation passed. He has guided & mentored the VA Social Work profession, along with countless VA Social Workers and other professionals. He actively promoted excellence in Social Work. He represented the profession well in the community, such as through the Society of Social Work Leaders in Health Care and the Association of Social Work Boards. Jerry served on the Alabama board for more than ten years. He has served on numerous committees and worked on national practice and training initiatives. Just as importantly, he has always offered friendship and support, wherever he went.

He will be greatly missed and always remembered, not only for his vast contributions to the field of social work, but for his big heart and willingness to always be there for his friends, colleagues, and those in need. He maybe gone from this earth, but the legacy he leaves behind will live on forever.

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