Meet Mandy Kalins - AVASW Past President

Amanda Kalins, LCSW, ACSW, C-SWHC is the Social Work Manager for Mental Health & Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Coordinator at Hines VA Medical Center. Her social work career began in the VA as social work intern in 2005 and after working in community health for a few years, she returned to the VA in 2009. In the 11+ years in the VA, she has served as a Suicide Prevention Coordinator, Supervisory Social Worker and Program Manager in both Substance Abuse and Mental Health. In her current role, she supervises over 30 social workers and program support staff in various Mental Health programs at Hines VA. In addition to her local responsibilities, she has been part of the VACO Social Work Leadership Council, EHRM Tiger Team and COVID-19 Tiger Team – Community & Veteran Resources Workgroup). She is currently the Chair Elect for the EHRM Tiger Team.

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