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Being a member of AVASW helps us show the strength and vitality of VA social work.  We are committed to helping to solidify our sense of identify, independent voice and Social Work Community throughout the VA healthcare system. 

Please become a member today and let your voice be heard!

If it has been several months since your membership lapsed and your password is not working, your membership data may have been deleted by the system and you will need to create a new account.

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News and Updates!

Make a Difference!
Have you wanted to be involved but weren't sure how? Do you have experience organizing groups? Do you have great ideas and want to share them with others? We are looking for you to join the AVASW Executive Committee!

Social Worker of the Quarter

Know someone doing great work across the VA? Nominate them for Social Worker of the quarter!

Jerry satterwhite hall of fame

Know a retired Social Worker who made a big difference with the VA? Nominate them for the Hall of Fame!


Something happening at your facility you feel like others should know about? Submit a Blog!

Contact us!

Questions or concerns? As an AVASW Executive Committee Member!


Interested in knowing more about being involved? Send a message with your name, site and interest.


The AVASW continues to support our members through advocacy and outreach even during these transitions. We appreciate your support!

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