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Hi Members!

2021 is coming to an end and AVASW is going out with a bang. We have so many updates and wanted to share them with you here:

  • First and foremost, don't forget that the AVASW Virtual conference is coming up soon! We have some awesome guest speakers who will provide some updates on the VA, advocacy, and the future of our practice. Don't forget to register soon!

  • Next, we have openings for SW of the Quarter. Do you know an amazing Social Worker who needs to be recognized? Tell us about them!


  • We want to say both a congratulations and a good bye to Matthew Schobert. Matthew will be sticking around the VA system but has accepted a new position and will no longer be able to act as our President Elect. Heather DeShone has agreed to step up to fill in for him through the remainder of the year. Heather has led our committee on development of the AVASW Virtual Conference this year and we are excited to have her assisting us in this position. For more about all of our Executive Committee members, check out our committee page:

  • Speaking of the Executive Committee, do you want to join us? We have several positions opening this year but applications are due at the end of the month. Please consider applying here:

  • Finally, we heard your voice about becoming an Employee Association. An overwhelming number of you felt we could better advocate as an official Employee Association. While we do not have any formal information on this yet, we wanted to let you know you were heard and we are working through the process at the national level.

Thank you for all you do as a VA Social Worker and an AVASW Member!

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